Hello Everyone! :] Be nice here. Thank You and feel free to follow me.


in 2013i've changed my title as a secondary school student to college student i hope i can  be a role model for my other siblings. here i'll start my carrier as medical assistant. so, there so many challenge i have to cross to be a succesful paramedic.

and here i start to be  independent because before this i never stay at hostel, never felt  far from my family. and this year everything is changed.

first day in KSKBKK i'll met them as my new friend. i make them as my family member. they're very understanding even im very garullous but they can accept me who i am.

                                          pare,fiffy, yui and me.
so many student call us DO RE MI. hihi

other picture...


that's all my filling for today! :)

Thank You! :]]

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